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We help businesses connect with customers, promoting their products and services through events, demonstrations, and experiential marketing activations. By offering support in planning, logistics, staffing and execution, we facilitate highly targeted campaigns, immediate feedback, and increased brand awareness through personalised interactions. Our specialty is recruiting, scheduling, and oversight of ambassador teams.



Many memorable moments result from a sponsorship deal. Sponsorships provide funding for events, programs, or projects while partnerships also offer valuable exposure and marketing opportunities. We facilitate and negotiate these deals between brands with missions and values that align. 


Mobile marketing takes many forms, such as a pop-up featuring interactive elements or product demos that create a memorable brand experience. Tours can be an effective way to reach a large audience and generate buzz. We offer careful planning and execution, including selecting the right tour route, creating engaging and relevant content to promote and recap, and ensuring that all logistical requirements such as transportation, permits and staffing are in place to achieve maximum impact. 



Content allows businesses to establish expertise, authority, and credibility across a variety of platforms. To build trust and loyalty among your audience, we produce and coordinate distribution of high quality photos, videos, articles, blog posts, infographics, and social media posts that engage, inform, and inspire purchasing decisions.



Events can be curated and targeted to reach a specific audience, allowing businesses to focus their marketing efforts on those most likely to be interested. We work closely with clients to develop event marketing plans, including designing and producing brand assets, managing event logistics, coordinating with vendors and partners, and executing promotional campaigns to drive attendance and engagement.


Cannabis events are highly regulated, requiring permits and licenses from local and state authorities. Unlike mainstream agencies, we are familiar with this landscape and cater to the cannabis industry, working with many of the best organisers to execute compliant events. Our efforts provide a safe and enjoyable space for cannabis users to gather, socialise, and experience different products which promotes cannabis culture and education on our way to widespread legalisation

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